The God I Serve, The God You Serve, The God We Serve


This poem came at a time when I was questioning my faith slightly. I was thinking about who I was really serving. I guess ‘life’ in quote hit me.

‘Is it really worth serving God?’ ‘Who am I doing it for?’ ‘Why me?’

These were some of the questions which ultimately led to God speaking to me. He made take my eyes off of what was going around me but to focus on Him. He made me realise it is about Him and not the environment I was in.

The poem below is titled ‘ The God I Serve, The God You Serve, The God We Serve’

(** represents the line – The God I Serve, The God You Serve, The God We Serve)

Our Creator, our friend, our Defender

Lifter Up of our head, El-shaddai (our provider)

The All-knowing, Omnipotent God, Jehovah Elroi (the One who sees)


The One who sticks closer than a brother

The Way, The truth & The life

Our intercessor – our advocate who aids in our weaknesses


The One who does not make you look like the trial you have passed through

Help in ages past, Defender of the weak

Pillar of strength and support, Pillow which captures each tear shed in secret


The meek tissue which gently wipes each tear, The stillness which echoes louder than a sound

He makes a way when it seems there is not in sight

Father to the fatherless, Husband to the widow

Hope to the hopeless, Giver of life – Ultimate sustainer


The love which is unfathomable, unquantifiable

His erudition surpasses the greatest human mind

His generosity cannot be appraised via the most complex mathematical equation known to man

Too big to even try to put into a single word


His protection is second to none, He knows the hairs on our head

Yet a thousand tongues are not enough to worship this King

He exalts and dethrones at his wish


King of all Kings – He exalts and dethrones at his wish

The earth is his footstool & Heaven is His throne

At the mention of his name, every knee bows

Every tongue confesses – Jesus is Lord!

Jehovah Elyon – Most high

Birds of the air cannot reach the heights of the skies even if they tried


The twenty-four elders fall on their faces and worship proclaiming Alleluia! Amen

The magnitude of your presence just leaves us speechless


Turning sorrow into joy – weeping may endure but the gladness which is coming brings peace to the heart

Causes the dry bones to be made alive again – sinew unto sinew

The one who pours his spirit unto the sons and daughters to prophesy, old men to dream and the young men to see visions as stated in Joel 2;28


Mercy, loving-kindness and unmerited grace are gifted to us daily

Time is in his hands yet He is not bound by time

His mercy is from everlasting to everlasting


Slow to anger, rich in love, clothing us with his blessings

Redeems us from destruction, mighty hand of deliverance

An imperceptible safety net which keeps us from harm even when we are careless

Justice for the oppressed, Glimmer of light for tomorrow

Jehovah Hashopet – The Great Judge


Adorned with majesty and honour; no one can bequeath his royalty

Often imitated never actualized in reality

Clothed with light as a garment stretched across Heaven as a curtain whilst seated in glory


Jehovah Rohi – Great Shepherd who tends to our needs

We lack nothing but guided on the path of righteousness


The Great I AM,

Jehovah Ori – Great Resplendent One

Sending forth His only Son to die for us – true father indeed

Continually watching over us – he does not sleep nor take a break

Surveillance over his children supersedes 100%


God of Angel armies is forever on your side

Though silent at times, never doubt he is not present


Jehovah Elkanna – Jealous over his own

Jehovah Nissi – Banner over our lives

Jehovah Chereb – Sword & Shield encompassed into one

*The God I Serve, The God You Serve, The God We Serve*

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Thank you for reading!

Until next post – remain blessed!

The Master’s Quill x


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