Who I am and why I am here?


Fearfully & wonderfully made individual with a lot to say; rather than saying it verbally it shall be penned via words which can be read.

Creative. Bold. Intuitive to the Holy Spirit.

Words on a page which tell a story, words which may edify, encourage, admonish, words to make you ponder and words to uplift you!

Rather than words being spoken, they would be words which can be uttered and interpreted via your own voice in your own time and space to tell the story inspired by the Father.

Who is the Father? He is God the Father who manifests in three personalities – Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

I am here to discover and fulfill the purpose of the One who sent me but to also tell others about the One who saved me.

A platform to express what I see, hear or to say how I feel without having to verbally utter it but put pen to paper and make my voice to be heard.

That is me & that is why I am here.



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