Slow to speak?


We have conservations everyday with family, friends, colleagues etc; but are the words attractive and seasoned?

Do the words you speak tear down and destroy?

or . . .

Do the words you speak edify & encourage?


The scripture above urges us to think about what we say before we utter our words. In conversations past, we may react on impulse by what we hear.  As humans, we are usually reactive to these instances which may lead to an instance which may not be favourable.

‘Be proactive with gracious words for the outcome would be favourable’  – The Masters Quill

However, the Word states our words should be ‘seasoned’!

This can be likened to a chef preparing a sumptuous meal; he seasons the main dish for it to be palatable for the consumers. In the same way, the Lord says we should season our words and speech so you would know how to answer each person.

No matter the situation or circumstance you find yourself in; let the conversation be full of grace and affection!

It may be difficult as discussions and conversations may not be in the direction you anticipated but rely upon the Holy Spirit; He would surely lead you and season you.




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