Main text – Nehemiah chapter 2: 11 – 15

Nehemiah at this point had the blessing of King Artaxerxes to go forth into Jerusalem. There was opposition here shown by Sanballat and Tobiah (two officials in the land) – who were described to be ‘disturbed‘ by the news of this.

Nevertheless, Nehemiah still proceeded wth the construction of the fallen walls of Jerusalem.

Verse 11 shows careful inspection undertaken by Nehemiah in order to see how much ruin the walls laid in state. Further, in the scriptures, there’s a description of how he analysed and evaluated the walls – shows us we should have a plan of execution.

Nehemiah was looking at how next to construct the walls by looking at what already existed and how it could be amended. We can liken this to modern day as we should effectively look at how we can improve a situation or even have a plan of action.

When it comes to our lives, plans, tasks, projects and Kingdom Business – we should always look at what already exists and have a plan of execution in order to bring to fruition the plans!

Stay Ready ; Be Ready !

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