Main text – Nehemiah chapter 4

Nehemiah and the Jews at this stage had begun rebuilding the wall to the point that their enemies began to plot against them and became engrained against them.

Nevertheless, Nehemiah still proceeded wth the construction of the fallen walls of Jerusalem; his focus and prayers were unto God to deal with their enemies.

Verse 1 – 3 shows the indignity of Sanballat and Tobiah towards the great works which were being undertaken by the Jews through the wall being rebuilt. This shows that would be opposition always during the stages of progress and change. The opposition may be known or unknown therefore we should not be ignorant of such.

Still forging onwards, Nehemiah turns unto God in their time of need as the Jews have now recognised their opposition. Their enemies did not relent however and kept trying to antagonise the wall being rebuilt. At times, in our

At times in our own lives whilst we are trying to progress and forge ahead, we should turn unto God for ‘heavenly’ tactics and guidance on how to deal with such as shown in the Bible by Nehemiah.

By turning to God, we are surrendering ourselves and the situations we are engulfed in over to him alone. We are admitting he’s our helper and acknowledging his sovereignty for He created Us and not we ourselves.

Through the prayers, Nehemiah and the Jews were given a strategy in which they would always be alert. Their next steps in chapter four showed how they took up various places around the wall and town of Jerusalem in order not to be consumed by their opposition.

When it comes to our lives, plans, tasks, projects and Kingdom Business – we should always look at what already exists and have a plan of execution in order to bring to fruition the plans!

We should not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy – No.1 opposition


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