Difficulty? Not in this space.

Many times we try to limit God, put him into a box or within an ideal of what we want. We are reminded in the Scripture below - nothing is too hard for him. Challenge God today and see if He would not show up and show out for you! Just believe in Him!


Holding Onto The Past?

Various things in life may occur which leave a bitter taste, scent or image in our mouths, minds and hearts. 'Forgive & Forget' may come to mind when such occurs to us. We have someone on which we can call upon to help make us not only to forgive others but to also help forget… Continue reading Holding Onto The Past?


Equipped for a Godly Life?

Each one of us is on a journey whether we realise this or not; the person beside us, in front or behind us is in their own lane. Each person identifying and trying to navigate through their route. This is called 'Life'. This can be likened to us (humans) being vehicles but we need a… Continue reading Equipped for a Godly Life?


Who I am and why I am here?

Fearfully & wonderfully made individual with a lot to say; rather than saying it verbally it shall be penned via words which can be read. Creative. Bold. Intuitive to the Holy Spirit. Words on a page which tell a story, words which may edify, encourage, admonish, words to make you ponder and words to uplift… Continue reading Who I am and why I am here?